This is

Our story

Furrion was started in 2004 by three founders who shared a simple, if ambitious, vision: to make the future perfect.

Today, our mission is to reinvent luxury living for a new generation, helping our customers escape the constraints of everyday life and live a future of limitless possibilities.

It is this clear, idealistic vision that drives everything we do. Creating perfection isn’t easy, but we’ll never stop trying.

We are

Shaping tomorrow

We are inspired to make the future better and have a relentless drive to innovate in order to make it happen as soon as possible.

This restless drive begins with our founders and permeates through our work culture, creating a team of bold game changers.

"Furrion is committed to facing forward, innovating not only in engineering, but also in design."


Intelligent precision

We have an idealistic approach to products and experiences with an uncompromising passion for beautiful design and precise engineering.

Our fast growing team of over 60 engineers, designers and technologists create everything from high-end luxury products to the simple seamless interfaces for a
range of specialist industries.


Good energy

Making the new energy future happen: maximising life, while minimising the impact we make on our planet.

It’s more than just words. We plant a tree for every product sold, support eco-innovations like the Ocean Clean-up and develop solutions to enable off-grid living, as well as harness renewable energy on an industrial scale.

Creating & fostering

Amazing connections

We’re here to join up every aspect of life in a seamless, memorable way.

Whether it’s our Furrion 4G Ecosystem, our ability to create fully personalised user experiences or our passion for bringing together communities of like-minded travellers and explorers, we’re here to connect our customers to the things and people they love.