A Connected Journey

Products for luxury mobility and contemporary living.

A Connected Journey

Aesthetic + Function

Beauty meets purpose to create products that reconnect you to the art of living.

Precision + Performance

The reliability, efficiency, and control you want, built for the space you have.

Cutting Edge + Renewable

Accelerating the new energy future: off-grid technology that powers your home, vehicle or business.


Cinematic Magic.

Experience true-to-life, immersive imagery with our beautifully designed TVs. Available in stainless-steel or black stainless-steel to create a sophisticated work of art in any setting.

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Cinematic Magic. Cinematic Magic.

Kitchen Appliances

The Secret Ingredient.

Functionality blended with beauty – luxury appliances perfected through a decade of design experience.

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The Secret Ingredient. The Secret Ingredient.

All New Furrion LIT™

Venture Further.

Created for the adventure seeking music lover – waterproof, shockproof with built-in flashlight and emergency SOS function. Take your music anywhere.

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Venture Further. Venture Further.

Our vision


Creating energy independent solutions that are cost efficient, accessible and effective.

32,853.53 kgs of CO2
emission Saved YTD and
249,681 trees planted since 2015.

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Our vision


Stunning, thoughtful design that pushes the boundaries for the next generation of luxury lifestyle vehicles and products.

only 4 weeks
until our next design concepts
are unveiled at CES 2019.

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Our vision


A pioneering research initiative focused on the development of large scale, high performance exo-bionic technology such as the human-piloted Prosthesis.

9 months
until Prosthesis's next
field test at Furrion ICIT.

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