The future is beyond robotics, the future is Furrion robotics

Furrion Robotics is a research initiative focused on the development of large scale, high-performance exo-bionic technology. We are pioneering a new breed of human piloted, electric powered mechs.

Our robotics center represents the inception of a new, large scale exo-bionic technology platform. We believe that the future belongs to electric power systems and we are committed to being leaders in the development and application of that technology.

Prothesis - The Exo-Bionic Off Road Racing Mech

Prosthesis is the first machine of its kind, ushering in a new era of large scale, high-performance mech technology.   

With a view to ongoing generations of evolution and development, the project is founded on a commitment to 100% electric power, serving as a unique platform to develop high density, mobile electric power technology.

The Ultimate Union of Pilot and machine

Prosthesis represents a departure from conventional, human scale exo-bionic technology, integrating off-road racing with industrial motion control to produce an entirely new breed of human piloted machine.

Developed in the Lab, but built for the real world. With a human at the controls, and state of the art, off-road suspension, Prosthesis will be capable of tackling any terrain.

Human Controlled

Prosthesis was built for the pilot. The primary objective of the project was the creation of responsive, stable and powerful exo-bionic platform that amplifies the motions of the pilot. Prosthesis is a sports machine and requires an athlete to operate.